1. Keep it Simple, would You?

  2. A Perfect Dialogue between a upper-class Lady (Julie) and her Servant (Jean) from “Fröken Julie” by August Strindberg (1888).

  3. Missing Summer.


  4. Full Fall Party.

  5. Display of Green.

  6. Rabothytta.

    Rabothytta is a part of the Cabin and trail network around Okstindan, Helgeland, Northern Norway. Architects Jarmund / Vigsnæs Architects MNAL.

  7. In my Bag at Mango.com Right Now.

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  8. Gowns from Mango.

    I’m Always Looking for Gowns so that there’s Always some Alternatives for Upcoming Weddings ect.

  9. Friends with Outfits.

  10. Himmeli. Traditional Finnish Christmas decorations, were originally made to promote a good harvest: The bigger and more complex there rye straw decorations were, the better the crop would be. 


  11. Colorful / Crazy / Cool.

  12. Leopard & Big Clutches.

  13. Brass is Back.

  14. Dalahäst.

  15. Bridge in Greece, 2013.